Locate on our ports
Save time, energy and money

As demand for new warehouses outstrips supply and businesses experience challenges around access to affordable and abundant labour in key supply chain and logistics hotspots, we believe there are massive advantages in locating on a port.

Design & Build Opportunities

Min and max single units

Possible 25,000 – 2,000,000 sq ft

3 key benefits to port-centric logistics

Remove Journey Legs

Because your goods will already be coming into the port, you will be able to remove journey legs by sending your products straight to your Regional Distribution Centre or directly to your end user.

Reduce Carbon footprint

By removing journey legs you will use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint. You could source your power from on-site renewable sources. You will be located in close proximity to proposed low carbon fuel production and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) infrastructure.

Efficient Logistics

More efficient logistics = better value for money. Our ports are located in available and affordable labour hotspots and we work closely with local LEPS and educational institutes to ensure continuity. Our Freeport site in Hull can offer cost savings in tax site benefits too.

Our sites

We have identified a number of key strategic sites which are ideally suited to port-centric logistics.

The sites listed below all benefit from superb multimodal transport connections, an active local workforce and availability of or the potential for power and planning. The sites offer secure locations, some with direct quayside access and the potential to link to on site rail connections providing access to the National Rail network.

Port of Cardiff, Business Park

Longships Road, CF10 4RP

Redbridge Development Site

Southampton, SO15 0AL

Port of Newport

Newport, NP20 2UW

Have you considered our freeports?

Locating in a freeport tax assisted zone can save your business in excess of £6 million.

We have a number of freeport tax assisted zones across our ports, namely at our HIEP site and Redbridge Southampton. Freeports can offer costs savings in a number of ways including stamp duty and NIC rate relief.

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