Grimsby Future Park
Low carbon energy production

Grimsby Future Park represents a major opportunity for the production of hydrogen & low carbon fuels. This 36 hectare (89 acre) strategic development site is located at the mouth of the Humber Estuary.

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36 Hectares (89 acres)

Moody Lane, DN31 2SW


Grimsby Future Park has an area of circa 36 hectares (89 acres) of development land with potential quayside access.

  • Single unit occupancy of 7,500 sq ft to 210,000 sq ft
  • Site can be sub-divided to suit occupier requirements
  • Bespoke design and build opportunities


Grimsby Future Park has good access and availability of the utilities required to service low carbon energy production.

  • Abundant supply water
  • Access to power from grid power and potential for new renewable energy assets
  • On-site availability of gas


This site is ideally located to provide access to the region’s existing and proposed low-carbon energy production resources.

  • Close proximity to offshore windfarm developments
  • Close proximity to onshore grid connections
  • Proximity to proposed CO2 pipeline


Grimsby Future Park’s location offers Direct access to the key markets for low carbon energy production:

  • The Humber is the UK’s largest industrial cluster
  • Transport of goods manufactured in the region creates significant energy demand
  • The Humber is the (Maritime fact)


The Humber has recently been home to two DFT and Innovate UK ‘Clean Maritime Demonstration Competitions’ that tested feasibility of various routes to decarbonising the shipping industry.
Project Mayflower, looked in detail at how handling equipment could switch from fossil fuels to hydrogen and how creating this hub would unlock hydrogen and ammonia as a fuel for onward port-related transport (vessels/ HGVs).
Provision of low carbon fuels within ports could facilitate decarbonisation of port operations, retain industry jobs and skills within the UK. This project offers a potential dual-stream initiative; delivering infrastructure to support the generation, storage, and distribution of low carbon hydrogen, whilst supporting end-users in hard-to-decarbonise sectors with both operational and technological transitions.
ORE Catapult’s flagship project was a feasibility study into the development of a National Clean Maritime Demonstration Hub in Grimsby, a ‘first step’ towards the development of an infrastructure and support ecosystem built to accelerate the deployment of low carbon fuel alternatives in vessels servicing the offshore wind industry.

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Why Choose Grimsby for alternative energy?

The UK’s Energy Estuary

Grimsby is largest O&M base is to the UK and home to many of the largest names in the industry.

Ideal location for Green H2 production.

Grimsby currently supports 4.9GW of OSW with an additional 9.8GW in construction or development stretching from Doggerbank down to South North Sea. The development site is located close to onshore grid connection points, making it an ideal location for large-scale green hydrogen production.

Utility requirements

Grimsby Future Park is well positioned to provide your development’s utility requirements.

Subject to a utilities review there are provisions for water supply, disposal of waste water (including treated) as well as potential for private wire agreements from the exisiting on site power station. There is provision for new on-site renewable assets, such as wind turbines and ground mounted units.

Blue H2 production

Ideal location
Ideal location for Blue H2 production & Green H2 production

Net Zero
These initiatives will provide a major contribution to the UK’s Net Zero targets

Good location for hydrogen distribution; potential to connect to Zero Carbon Humber hydrogen pipeline

Close to demand
Close to large industrial demand for H2; close to Immingham Super Place with large potential industrial customers for H2

Opportunity to connect to CCUS infrastructure; located close to V Net Zero proposed CO2 pipeline

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